Firming Body Cream Contour  NeriumAD Formula -

Firming Body Cream Contour NeriumAD Formula

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Firming Body Cream Contour NeriumAD Formula

What it is:

A clinically tested body contour cream powered by our exclusive NAE-8 extract. This breakthrough formula helps firm and tone problem areas for sleeker, more youthful-looking body skin.

What it does:

  • This formula helps smooth and tighten skin for a smoother, more toned appearance.
  • Works to improve the appearance of cellulite and dimpled skin.
  • Provides soothing benefits and moisture to body skin leaving it soft and hydrated.
  • Key Benefits:
    • Smooths
    • Tightens
    • Firms
    • Tones
  • Perfect for use on upper arms, thighs, stomach, love handles.
  • Ideal for all skin types: Dermatologist tested

Research results

  • Independently conducted clinical trials show:
    • 92% of participants reported positive improvements on their thighs.
    • 92% of participants reported an increase in skin hydration.
    • 83% of participants reported an improvement in the appearance of skin smoothness and cellulite.
  • How To Use
  • Massage a quarter-sized amount of product into each targeted area in a circular motion for a minimum of 20 seconds or until fully absorbed. To maximize results, use twice a day. Optimal times of usage are after a warm shower and before bedtime.
  • Ingredients
  • NAE-8®


    A patented proprietary extract and powerful antioxidant derived from nerium oleander and aloe vera that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


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